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8 Sure Fire Ways a Realtor® Can Be Resourceful For You

26 Nov 2018 0

Are you about to be in the market as a home buyer or seller?  Have you been reluctant to reach out and talk to a Realtor®?  Most of us manage our business more as consultants rather than salespeople, and we are pretty easy to approach.  There are many benefits we possess at our fingertips that we’re ready and willing to share with you to help you achieve success, so much so that it’s quite a shot in the dark to attempt to go it alone.

There’s probably more than 100 ways an experienced Realtor® can prove to be resourceful for you, but that experience will have to be had by you to truly appreciate what it means.  And the best advice I can offer is simply put – Never be afraid to ask if you don’t know the answer.

  1. We know the market and trends.

    It’s not enough for a seller to ballpark the value of their home and hope for the best to be successful on their own.  It takes reasonable skill and care to analyze market trends and price a home effectively, while helping you negotiate concessions and repairs.  Likewise, a buyer should seek out an exclusive agreement with a Real Estate Professional instead of approaching owners or the owner’s broker on their own.  A buyer’s broker can help guide a buyer to know what to ask, negotiate for, and expect from a seller without guessing what is appropriate.

  2. We know value.

    How do you know if your house, or the one you intend to buy is priced reasonably?  Are the improvements overstated or understated in their relation to the overall value?  Does the garage conversion add market value?  A great Real Estate Professional will carefully monitor market trends to more accurately determine fair market value, and can additionally help sellers determine the best approach to making improvements or changes for the best overall value and desirability.  They can also help buyers negotiate and sometimes even avoid homes that are overpriced.

  3. We help you prepare your home for the market.

    From advice on the best approach to improving your home for the best appeal, to cleaning, decluttering, and staging – a Real Estate Professional has the best understanding of what works and what is a waste of time, energy and money.

  4. We know how to effectively market your home.

    If your plan is to sell by owner by putting a sign in your yard, and praying that a miracle will happen – you really need a better plan.  An experienced broker will be able to demonstrate an effective marketing plan for you, and it will likely include online exposure, networking with other professionals, and the most important resource – their local MLS.  Looking at it from another angle, an overwhelming majority of home buyers have a timeline to be settled in their new home, and are working with a buyer’s broker.  The first and best resource their broker is drawing from for their buyer clients is the MLS.  If you’re not on it, you’re not visible.

  5. We screen buyers and listings for you, so you don’t have to.

    Every buyer comes with limits, those limits can be a cap on their purchase value set by their lender or the cash they have in the bank.  Limits can also be based upon the condition of a home and/or property, as it may not qualify for either the buyer’s preference or it may not comply with the type of financing the buyer is using (example –   Properties that are in a flood area, or a fixer-upper that is missing elements for habitability).  Brokers understand what type of Real Estate their buyer clients can qualify for.  If you’re selling on your own, how do you know what the intentions are of people wandering through your home claiming to be interested in it?

  6. We help you negotiate.

    How challenging is it for someone to negotiate price, terms, and conditions of a home they raised their family in on their own?  Is there a potential that you will negotiate your way out of a potential sale if you insist on doing it yourself?  A broker will help you look at your sale objectively, and will be your guide in making decisions that are rational instead of emotional.  In the same context for buyers, this practice of negotiating the purchase of a home with the added repairs is not something you do every day, but you can hire a broker that does do it every day – and you being the buyer may likely not have any out of pocket cost for hiring an broker.

  7. A Realtor® vs. a Real Estate Broker, what’s the difference?

    First of all, this is not intended to be a knock against brokers who are not Realtors®.  That being said, Realtors® offer something to the industry and the public that brokers do not – accountability to the public, and an investment in their own communities.  Realtors® are held to a higher standard in the industry, and are bound by a Code of Ethics. Should a Realtor® engage in unethical practices, they can be punished severely for it through their local board.  Additionally, Realtors® take political action to promote homeownership and protect the rights of homeowners.  They pay dues, and they are encouraged to contribute to their Political Action Councils (PACs) for the public’s benefit.

  8. And last but not least, we know people.

    Part of my service includes a vendor list for both buyers and sellers.  This vendor list contains professionals that I know and trust that can help clients I serve with needs from legal counsel, home inspectors, contractors, painters, insurance reps, financial planners, and more.  Sometimes, these professionals also play a part in helping me market a home for sale – since they know people too.

Are you in the market to buy, and are not committed to a Real Estate Professional?  I have served my community as a Real Estate Professional for 18 years, we should meet soon and discuss your plans for the near future.


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